MiraCradle help reduce birth asphyxia deaths in India

MiraCradle, an award winning medical innovation by Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt Ltd, is now instrumental in reducing neo-natal mortality (death due to birth asphyxia) in over 100 hospitals in India and South Africa. MiraCradle has now been adopted by hospitals across 19 states and 2 Union territories across the country. 

MiraCradle has recently received the prestigious CE Mark certfication . With the help of this certification MiraCradle can now be exported to more than 50 countries without any further regulatory requirements. MiraCradle, designed, developed and manufactured in India is the perfect example of a “Make in India product” (in other words an Indian technology changing the global healthcare landscape). MiraCradle has also been adopted in South Africa with successful installations of 6 devices and 20 more installations expected in the next six months.